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Piercing seminar with Olly Todd.

This October we will welcome one of the uk’s premier body piercers to teach a seminar at our studio.

Olly Todd of Factotum body modification in Norwich has a wealth of experience, and now he will share his trade secrets with Scottish body piercers during his first piercing class north of the border. Olly has been associated with the higher classes of body piercers in the uk for a long time and we can’t wait to have him up to the deen!  

This hands on, practical class will cover modern day techniques and tips. 
Dates will be confirmed once covid-19 restrictions have been announced both in England and Scotland, tickets are £70 inclusive of taxes and vat. and will be paid directly to Olly via the link at his website

This is a professional piercing seminar, only professional licensed piercers and their apprentices may attend the class. No exceptions.

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of elite professional piercers coming to Scotland to share their knowledge with us. 

Hope to welcome some new people up to our studio too, Nathan.