-Current Piercing Prices 2023-

All prices quoted are inclusive of classic jewellery which will be either implant grade titanium or niobium depending on the piercing 
We have an extensive range of jewellery suitable for initial piercings that are all individually priced and will incur an additional charge ontop of the prices listed below

Single Ear Lobe: from £44

Pair of Ear Lobes: from £85

Helix/Forward Helix/Conch/Daith/Tragus/Rook: from £49

Industrial: from £59

Single Nostril: from £49

Paired Nostrils: from £98

Septum/Bridge/Eyebrow: from £49

Any upper or lower lip piercing: from £49

Navel: from £49

Tongue: £70

Nipple: from £49

Pair of nipples: from £98

Surface, Genital and Heavy Gauge: Prices on request

A selection of ear piercings available at Utopia