We have Moved! Our new address is 15 Mccombies court Aberdeen

Studio FAQ

Welcome to Utopia, here is some info if you have any questions that relate to you visiting us. 




Our 2022 opening hours are:

Tuesday/Saturday 10-6

We are located at 15 Mccombies court Aberdeen Ab10 1aw

01224 679879

For piercing services we do offer walk in services but appointments that are pre booked will take priority. 

We need to keep a record of everyone who enters the studio so that we keep in line with current government regulations for track and trace. When you book in we ask for your phone number, address and email address.
Each appointment booked must pre-pay a deposit via the booking site. There is a jewellery fee on top of your piercing fee. Please don’t instantly think this means super expensive options are only available, we are very much a studio in which a standard piercing will always cost around about £35

Our junior body piercer Megan currently offers a limited amount of piercings, and we will update our Instagram and Facebook regularly as Megan progresses through her piercing journey as to which piercings Megan is able to perform. If you’re unsure, please call or message us before booking with Megan.

For tattoos you must pre-book your appointment. Please contact your artist directly for any info you may need regarding a design or an appointment. If you are unsure, drop a message to us via email or Facebook. 

We may occasionally have a walk in space available, we will post via Instagram and Facebook if sessions become available. 

If you are looking to have a consultation with our tattoo artists, please contact us via email or contact the artist directly via Instagram - Skinwalker (@skinwalker_art), James (@jkirbyflash), Heather Hay @_heatherhaytattoo

Email- info@utopiabodyarts.com

If you are visiting us for a tattoo or a piercing, please eat something one hour before your appointment. Please do not use any fake tanning products for one week before your piercing or tattoo appointment; fake tan on the skin means it is not safe to pierce or tattoo you, and this will be considered a missed appointment, so your deposit will not be refunded/moved to a new appointment.

Please make sure you have valid, in date, government approved ID. 

Age restrictions do apply for piercings, if you need to please check here for age restrictions.

Tattoos are strictly 18+

During COVID-19 we ask that you come to your appointment alone, unless you are a young person who needs their parent or guardian to sign the form.

The jewellery we use is strictly implant grade, we don’t take risks with cheap toxic jewellery found in many outlets nowadays, Titanium and gold are our go to. We have mill certificates from the supplier at request for every piece of jewellery we sell. 

Our current suppliers are AnatometalSacred symbolsKiwi. Industrial Strength.

You cannot bring your own piece of jewellery to be pierced with, we will only use our pre-sterilised high grade jewellery for an initial piercing.

It’s not safe to put anything other than our pieces in at least until the piercing has fully healed. 

How much is the piercing? 
We charge on average £30 to £40 for each piercing we do here at Utopia, if you are getting multiple piercings then we will work out a better rate for them for you. For each appointment we require either a £10 or £20 deposit and this is paid at the time of booking. This deposit is not refundable; and we do require 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment.

If you are a young person under 16 you will need to bring your parent for your piercing appointment, they will also need to have their driver’s license or passport with them and you will need a passport or Young Scot card, or a Citizen’s Card, which you can get online for around £15. Without both ID’s present we cannot perform the piercing and there will be a charge to pay as this will effectively be a missed appointment.

We only use a needle for all body piercings, no guns are used to perform any piercing procedure. A sharp needle will cause less trauma to your piercing site and will promote a healthy piercing. 

Our body piercing aftercare adheres to APP safe piercing guidelines. You can check their aftercare advice here

After your piercing or tattoo we will email you a full copy of your aftercare.
We will also fully explain everything during your appointment.  

We welcome all styles of tattoos! Our resident artists are competent in many aspects and styles of tattooing, if you’re looking for a single word or a whole bodysuit, we can design something for everyone. 

If you have a booking for a tattoo and need to reschedule we ask for 48 hours notice or your deposit will not be transferred to another appointment.

If you had a positive experience with us, Please leave us a review at our google or Facebook page as it helps our business stay relevant online! 

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