From November 1st we will be at our new premises 15 mccombies court Aberdeen Ab11 1aw. All updates are via our Instagram and google pages.

Piercing age restrictions and info

If you’re unsure as to what age you can get a piercing, look no further! 

For ID we can only accept the following,

Drivers license. Passport. Young Scot card. National ID card (non uk residents)

We cannot accept a single birth certificate, it must be validated with photo identification too.

Please remember, if you are under 16 you must bring a parent, and they must bring their ID.  
Without these items you will not be allowed to get a piercing.

We will take a photograph of each piece of ID provided and attach it to your release form.

Piercing age restrictions;

Lobes - 7+

Nostril, Tragus, Navel (belly button) Helix, Conch, Rook, F/helix.14+

Lip, Eyebrow, Industrial, Septum,Tongue/Tongue web 16+

Nipple, Microdermal/Surface piercing. Genital piercing 18+