Piercing age restrictions and info

If you’re unsure as to what age you can get a piercing, look no further! 

For ID we can only accept the following,

Drivers license. Passport. Young Scot card. National ID card (non uk residents)

We cannot accept a single birth certificate, it must be validated with photo identification too.

Please remember, if you are under 16 you must bring a parent, and they must bring their ID.  
Without these items you will not be allowed to get a piercing.

We will take a photograph of each piece of ID provided and attach it to your release form.

Piercing age restrictions;

Lobes - 7+

Nostril, Tragus, Navel (belly button) Helix, Conch, Rook, F/helix.14+

Lip, Eyebrow, Industrial, Septum,Tongue/Tongue web 16+

Nipple, Microdermal/Surface piercing. Genital piercing 18+